New Story Ideas

So I’ve decided to write some stories/fanfictions.

I need you to vote on which one you think sounds best!
Name: Saving Fandoms

Fandom: Multifandom

Des.: So in Saving Fandoms, seven girls go to a fandom camp. They’re the leaders of their divisions at camp, but they get sucked into the story. All the villains are teaming up, leaving the seven girls to stop them

Status: Being written outside of Life of a Fangirl.
Name: Seventh Year

Fandom: Harry Potter

Des.: This fanfiction describes what was going on at Hogwarts during Harry’s seventh year, as he wasn’t there most of the time. It’s from the POVs of Ginny, Luna, and Neville.

Status: Unwritten
Name: The Ring Returns

Fandom: LOTR

Des.: TRR chronicles the story of Sauria, the half-Elven daughter of Tauriel and Kili. (Yes, I know most of the fandom hates that. No, I don’t care.) Somehow, the One Ring was reforged and came to her, leaving the young Elven girl to destroy it. Join her and the rest of her friends as they take the journey to Mordor and destroy the Ring once and for all!

Status: Being written outside of Life of a Fangirl
Name: The Challenge

Fandom: Not a fanfic, just a story

Des.: Every year, there’s a challenge to tame a mustang from the plains of Nevada. Follow the story of Faith and her newfound mare in The Challenge.

Status: Unwritten
Name: Saria

Fandom: Legend of Zelda

Des: Have you ever wondered what Saria was doing this whole time Ocarina of Time was going on? Well, now you’re going to learn what she did while Link was busy saving the world. 

Status: Unwritten
Name: New Generation

Fandom: Legend  of Zelda (yes, I know I already did one for this, but I want to do another with my OC)

Des: Talia’s noticing things going a bit crazy in Hyrule. People are suddenly just vanishing, but it’s not for an unknown reason. She’s heard the legends. The Twilight is coming again…and she has a bigger connection to it than she thinks…

Status: Unwritten
Name: A Best Friend You Can’t Trust

Fandom: Hunger Games

Des: After a twelve year wait, Gale has moved back to what remains of District Twelve, but he still can’t face Katniss. His daughter Calyptis is a different story. She and Katniss’s daughter Saige are best friends. But when the Capitol changes up the rules to try and take the children of the rebels into the Games, will Calyptis and Saige both survive?

Status: Unwritten
You’ve got until October 1st to vote. However, I have decided on something. I’m going to write the one with the most votes first, the one with the second most votes second, and so on, so everyone ends up happy! I know which one I’m most excited to write…

See you soon when the votes end! Oh, and if one gets to ten votes, that one automatically wins. Have fun voting!


8 thoughts on “New Story Ideas

  1. katoonirose says:

    Okay, I think I’d be interested in all these. But since I have to vote, I’ll say Saving Fandoms. And then Seventh Year. And then Saria. And… you get the picture.


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