My Book Nook

So for my new project, I took up building a little book nook for me to read in, complete with lots of blankets and stuffed toys! Yes, some of those are My Little Pony. I don’t care. 

Pretty much what happened was I had my friends over last weekend, and not all of them could fit in my bed because there were three of us. One of them, my friend Nessa, had to sleep on this mattress. Then I took over it once they left. There is a power outlet nearby, so I can plug in whatever needs to be plugged in, and I have a bookshelf nearby in event of a reading emergency. 

I tested out this book nook with the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and it is definitely comfortable enough to spend your day in reading!

Yes, that is my cat in the picture. I wanted him in there. His name is Lucky, and he sometimes is a demon. He’s asleep on my actual bed right now, so I won’t disturb him.

Well, happy reading!-Leese


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