Leese’s Christmas Haul

So, as most of you know, Christmas was a few days ago. I hope you all had a good one! I surely did. I’ll be putting pictures of what all I got and what I think about it right here!
Name: The Writer’s Toolbox

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I love this thing so much! I really like drawing out the sticks and seeing what crazy stories it gives you. I mean, a story about someone with 17 cats? EPIC! It helps you banish writer’s block and boredom for once and for all!

Pros: Great for writers who have a hard time coming up with story ideas (me!), amazing for coming up with story ideas that no one else could even think of. 

Cons: The dividers are REALLY ANNOYING. I took mine out of the box. The stuff is in baggies now.

Name:Lego Dimensions: Wii U

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I love this game! I have Gandalf, Marty McFly, Wyldstyle, and Batman. This is probably one of the best gifts that I’ve ever gotten. I like this better than Disney Infinity, which is confusing and hard to figure out. Dimensions is really easy to learn how to work.

Pros: Easy to learn, can remove the minifigures from the base and play with them just as figures, can make all sorts of vehicles, has a set storyline, get to build your own vehicles and the portal.

Cons: You have to update not long after buying the game, which means that you must have internet. This could just be a con for me. 

Name: Back to the Future Lego Dimensions

Rating: 10/10

Comments: This is an add-on for the Lego Dimensions game shown above. You get Marty McFly as a figure you can play as, as well as the hoverboard and DeLorean Time Machine as vehicles you can ride in game. You also get a new level in your game. I really like Marty’s attacks, which all have to do with playing his guitar.

Pros: A great addition to the Lego Dimensions base game, a great way to incorporate a great movie into a great game.

Cons: The vehicles, the DeLorean in specific, are a bit small if you wanted to play with them just as legos. The hoverboard would probably be okay though.

Name: Breyer Selle Francais

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I’ve wanted this horse for a while now, and I had to settle for another one when we couldn’t find it. Now all I need is a stallion and a foal, (or just a stallion named Cloud and his mare Feldspar, his foal Encore, and the yearling Mato Ska. Sorry, different set.) and I’ll have a whole family! 

Pros: Very realistic, beautifully made.

Cons: None known.

Name: Puppies Calendar

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I love this calender! It’s got cute little puppies on it, what else could you ask?

Pros: ???


Name: Harry Potter cup

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I love this cup. As in, I held it up and shouted “Alleluia! Alleluia!” when I opened the box. I also said “Totally Tubular,” but that’s beside the point. It has a Hogwarts design on it and it’s beautifully decorated. 

Pros: Decorated beautifully

Cons: None known.

Name: Party Tyme Karaoke: Super Hits 25

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I’ve been wanting new karaoke songs for a few years now, and I was never allowed to go get some. Now, I have 14-ish new songs to sing with my best friend Adanessa!

Pros: All the songs are really good and I know most of them.

Cons: I don’t know.

Name: Angry Birds Star Wars

Rating: 9/10

Comments: I really like this game, well, because it’s Star Wars, but I really wish I had gotten Lego Star Wars instead of this. 

Pros: Honestly, I haven’t played it yet, so I don’t know pros and cons. Expect a review later.

Name: Daisy Longbow (plus a small picture of my foot)

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I’ve wanted a bow ever since I saw the movie Brave in theatres in…2012, was it? I don’t know. But now, I finally have one! It’s so cool!

Pros: I haven’t shot it yet either…again, expect a review.

Name: Notebook

Rating: 9/10

Comments: I really like this notebook, but it’s sort of flimsy. As in, I closed it wrong, and it sounded like it was going to break. 

Pros: Very nice pattern, lots of pages.

Cons: See comments for details.

Name: Harry Potter: Complete Collection

Rating: 1000000000000000000000/10

Comments: I opened this, and I legit screamed the second I saw what it was. I decorateed the trunk the way I wanted to and started reading last night. It’s like the first time.

Pros: Everything

Cons: None. 

Name: This fuzzy blanket that doesn’t really have another name

Rating: 10/10

Comments: It’s so fluffy! I love it! I’m currently laying under it. It also came with socks, but socks will NOT be featured in my review. 

Pros: It’s really fuzzy and soft and warm.

Cons: ???

Name: Velvet Art Kit

Rating: 8.5/10

Comments: I just feel like velvet art is a little under my age of 12. It’s very fun to do, but I’d rather have another adult coloring book.

Pros: Fun to do, complex.

Cons: Only 4 designs, a little below my age level.

Name: 3 Piece Plush PJ Set

Rating: 9/10

Comments: MORE SOCKS!!! I swear, I’m Dumbledore at heart. Socks and blankets and fuzzy things make me happy happy happy.

Pros: Very fuzzy, warm.

Cons: Being an El Nino year, I may not get to wear them.

Name: Mandala coloring book and pencils

Rating: 1000/10

Comments: This is so fun to color! I love coloring, and these keep me occupied for a while.

Pros: Very fun, rather complex.

Cons: Takes a while to color, and I have a short attention span sometimes. 

Name: Woodburned Box of my Grandfather.

Rating: 100000/10

Comments: Wow. This was hard to open. My grandfather died earlier this year, and this was my first Christmas without him. My aunt gave this to me, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever gotten. 

Pros: Everything.

Cons: Nothing.

Name: Picture Frame

Rating: 9/10

Comments: It’s a pretty heavy picture frame. And, being the Leese that I am, I love the horse decorations.

Pros: Horse decorations, very intricate.

Cons: Really heavy.


Name: Top and Pants

Rating: 8/10

Comments: I really like this, I’m just not that big of a clothes junky. Unless it’s fandom clothes. Then I’m all for it.

Pros: Very warm, cute.

Cons: ???

Name: These little boots

Rating: 10/10

Comments: Normally, I could care less about shoes. But these are so cute and warm that I can’t even. I love them so much! And, the little sock rolls up to look like a boot sweater!

Pros: Very cute, very warm, the sock rolls up.

Cons: I wish they were a different color.

Name: Knit’s Cool Knitting Studio

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I really wanted to try this out, and now I have it! I’m definitely making the phone pouch for me and Nessa, and the scarf and headband are happening too! Hmm…maybe these would be good teacher gifts. What I knit, not the actual knitting thingy.

Pros: Well, I haven’t tried it yet, so expect a review.

Name: Lego Minecraft: The Dungeon

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I really like this set! There’s all sorts of cool items in it!! 

Pros: Two zombies, moving parts, ore, mob spawner, very detailed.

Cons: Supports break while building, flimsy.

Name: Little Live Pets CleverKeet

Rating: 10/10

Comments: This is so cool! Sierra (my bird) drives the cart, swings herself, eats, and dances! You get to name the bird yourself, too!

Pros: It does a lot of things, can personalize with name, fun.

Cons: Easy to accidentally put on try me mode. (Guity party right here!)

Name: Lego Snowspeeder microfighter

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I just need an AT-AT, and I can have my own Battle of Hoth, right in my bedroom!

Pros: Very detailed, shoots missiles.

Cons: Missiles hard to shoot

Name: Rey’s Speeder

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I don’t at all remember this from the movie, but I love it so much! Rey is very detailed (they got her hairstyle right), they have her magical stick of wonder, it shoots those little red pieces, and more!

Pros: The shooting range is really far, if you turn the bottom thruster the doors open, and much more that I am too lazy to list.

Cons: The doors are really hard to close, it’s easy to lose the red pieces.

Name: Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies Bow

Rating: 10/10

Comments: I love this bow! Sure, it’s s a little hard to aim and prep for shooting, but it’s really fun!

Pros: Everything!

Cons: Arrows are a little hard to work with.
Okay, so that’s it! That’s not everything, per se, but most everyhing. Well, I’m going to work on Saving Fandoms, as well as The United Fandoms of Fiction. Be on the lookout for an update!