30 Day Challenge- Day Three- About Me

Well, first I woke up at 6:20 and ate Smore’s Pop Tarts. Then, I brushed my teeth and went through some basic daily routines. Like a normal person, you know? I then played with my puppy, Juno, and waited for my mom to be ready to go. Then, I went to school and worked on the news team. Next, I went to science class. At 8:30, I went to snack and ate cheese and a cupcake. I also drank purple Kool-Aid and talked with my best friend Chenene. Then I went back to class. I then went to math and worked on my chapter review. We were late for library. I checked out three books. Then I went back to math, finished the review, and did a Bible packet. After that, I went to lunch and geeked out with Chenene and Madelyn about Star Wars. Then I went to reading and language and did some more work. Then I went to recess. After that I went to my grandmother’s. Now I’m sitting on the couch while my cousin sleeps and I’m listening to Insurgent. 


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