Cosplay Designs

 I was bored and wanted to draw, so I designed some Cosplay costumes on Procreate, an art app. So, here are the costumes I created! The base I found on the internet, but the costume was all mine. 
Right here we have a Hogwarts girl. I designed her in Hufflepuff colors, but you can change up the yellow and black areas to fit your house. I did mine for my house, of course.   

Here we have a crummy looking Pikachu cosplay. I tried to do some shadowing on the bottom, but as you can see, it didn’t end too fabulously. 

 This is probably my favorite of the cosplays I drew. This is Saria from the Zelda games. The hair didn’t turn out like I hoped it would, but her outfit looks amazing. Crummy drawings for the win!


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