Quiz Results- HP

Well, I was bored and this happened: I took quizzes about Harry Potter on the internet, but only three results were worth posting. I’ll take some LOTR ones later, as well as some SW ones. 

Why is my mentor Trelawney? Really, I can’t stand her. I like McGonagall better. Can I trade for her or Sprout? 

Finally, one I’m happy with! My best friend would be Ginny Weasley, which I’m perfectly fine with. Ginny’s the 100% best! Favorite character in the series, right here!
This is legit true. Weirdly enough, that is true. I’m reading it for the second time now that I own the books. I’ll have them done 20 times at least before I die. Anyway, I’m off to take more quizzes. 


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