The Fault in Our Stars Review

Well, this very well may be the most depressing book EVER. I read it literally in one day, and I am now questioning my entire life. Curse you, John Green! 
Book: The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green. Or as I’m calling him, John Mean.

Published: January 10th, 2012

Genre: Realistic fiction/ Romance

Plot: Two teens who have cancer try to find out the ending to a book that ended midsentence, all while falling in love and battling said cancer. Fabulous book, really. Hate the ending though. 

Shipping: Honestly, there’s only two ships, and one of them may be frowned upon by the fandom. Actually, there’s three, two likely frowned upon. 

Rating: 😀😍😭 It’s a combo of it made me happy, I loved it, and it made me cry. I rate it five stars.

Merchandise: Tons of it everywhere. 

Movie: Yes!

Fandom: Huge one. Don’t mention the word Okay to any of them. Or me, for that matter. But we’re all emotionally unstable. 

Recommended to: Any romance fan. Or anyone. I’m not a romance fan, but I still love it. Just not good for those bad with sadness. 

Child-safe: Mostly. Quite a few cuss words, one use of the f bomb, an inappropriate scene, things like that. Anyone over 11 or 12 should be able to handle it. 

My OTP: Hazel and Augustus.

Favorite character: I really like Isaac. 

Overall, I love this book. I would read it again if I get the chance. 


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