Leese’s Top Ten Favorite Pokemon! 

So, I got a new Pokemon game, Pokemon Y, a few days ago, and I’m considering reviewing it later but without a video. But in celebration of that, I’m going to do my top ten favorite Pokemon. 

First, I just want to explain what Pokemon is. It’s basically where you catch little monsters and battle them against other people with the little monsters and breed them and it’s just really fun, okay! Soo, let’s get started! Please note these are only from game’s that I played, which would be Omega Ruby and Pokemon Y. 

Leese’s Top Ten Favorite Pokemon:

10. Poochyena

I really just think he’s cute and he evolves into the best Mightyena. Oh, and just saying, the top four might or might not be Eeveelutions…sorry! Also the ones before number four are in no particular order. 

9. Mudkip and evolutions

Mudkip is so adorable and the most powerful Hoenn starter. I love him! Mine is very OP and his name is Zale. He’s a Swampert now, but I remember when he was little Mudkip!

8. Fennekin and evolutions

I don’t really know how Haydn is a boy here, but I love Fennekin sooo much and he’s mega cute and Mine might become a little OP after I do more training. Pancham can kick his butt though, which is sad. So can Snorlax, stupid thing. 

7. Squirtle

Almost as OP as Charmander, Squirtle is derptastically adorable and super powerful, especially against fire-types, you know, since he’s water. I love him a lot and just want to cuddle him! 

6. Absol and Skitty (tie because I ran out of space)

If you can guess who’s who, you win a cookie! Skitty is the little cat and Absol is that magnificent creature up at the top. Now, I also like Jigglypuff, but our last non-Eeveelution spot goes to my dear friend who stayed with me through my first adventure…

5. Torchic and evolutions

He might go through a little of an awkward stage there as Combusken, but I love my little Torchic so much and I hated that I lost him when I restarted. Still, I will always love Fawkes as my first ever Pokemon! 

4. Leafeon

Yes, that’s a fanart. No, no one cares. There were two Pokemon vying for this spot, but the other is more powerful so I decided to rank her third. I absolutesly adore Leafeon though, and she’s in my fanfiction, Misunderstood, with the name of Tansy. 

3. Glaceon

Again, fanart. But Glaceon is so beautifully balanced and skilled! She’s also very lovely. I really want a Glaceon, but not as much as I want these top two, who are possibly the most powerful Eeveelutions.  I’m not certain about that, but I believe that they are. Anyway, they’re my favorites, and that’s what matters. 

2. Sylveon

More fanart! These were for my book cover, okay? Deal with it. I love Sylveon so much, and she’s one of the only Fairy-types in the whole game, so she’s very special. People say she’s not good enough because of her girly appearance, but I think she’s very beautiful and powerful. And now…

1. Umbreon

Umbreon is the most beautiful Pokemon to ever live. Don’t listen to people who say it’s Milotic. It’s Umbreon. It’s adorable, probably loving underneath it all, and sweet as heck most likely. Not to mention it puts Psychic types to shame. Umbreon is amazing and shall never be pushed from my top ten favorites. 


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