Diary of a Writer

Writing. It’s the one thing that brings me passion in life when nothing else can. I always have loved to write, and I hopefully always will. If I lose writing, I will have nothing. There is nothing else to do. But still, I wonder. What will happen if one day I lose everything I love. My friends, my writing, my dogs, those I love, my crappy artwork, everything. I’d have lost everything, and there would be nothing their to bring me joy.

Writing keeps me from giving up. When everything is going wrong, I turn to my books. Lyricium is a place where I can escape from reality. Nothing should be able to take that from me. All I have when my day is rough and the world has given up on me is writing. When everything is getting me down, I have my writing to fall back on.
Sure, call me a nerd for writing in all my free time. But creating something that didn’t exist before is like magic. It’s as close to magic as I’ll ever get on this earth. And I love it. The words that fly from my fingers, the pleasant sound of the keys as my fingers hit them, it’s music to me. Researching different languages, finding out what to name your mountains, it’s all magnificent. It’s magic. 
Don’t make fun of a writer for doing what you will never be able to do, which is create a whole other world just with their imagination and an idea. It’s something not everyone can do, and I am thankful for my gift. 


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