Random Ranting: Galavant

Get ready for this, Leese is going to rant. And it’s not going to be pretty. 
So basically, Galavant was this great show that I watched, kind of a medieval (did I spell that correctly) comedy musical thingamabobber. I’m not really sure how to explain it. Basically, it’s the musical story of Sir Galavant, a knight on a quest to save the kingdom and find his true love Isabella. It was amazing! The jokes were great, the characters were funny, everything was perfectly timed.
Then Freeform happened. They were like, “LOL Leese, we’re going to cancel your favorite show, even after that teaser we showed you of season three!” IT WAS SO BOTHERSOME OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ALIVE!
So I just listened depressedly to the music from the show on Spotify and cuddled Tad Cooper, my dragon plushie named after the one from the show. Now we don’t get to know what happens to Madalena, or if Sid will ever get to sing in the songs without someone interrupting him! 
Why, Freeform, why? Why must you hurt the girl who literally only watches two TV shows, well, three sometimes. BUT STILL! 
Okay, I’ve made myself angry again. Leese, calm down. Don’t go ballistic. You’re going to lose your mind here in a second if you don’t calm the dingdang down. 
Anyway, I’m going to blow through the roof if I don’t calm the heck down, so that’s it for now. I’ll do a tribute post later of me singing songs from the show. 

Signing off, Eruleese. 


2 thoughts on “Random Ranting: Galavant

    • addbratlove225 says:

      It’s perfectly fine by me.

      Also, I realized that you now may know my last name. Yeah…ignore that much. Oh well!


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