Important Questions

Hey everyone! It’s Leese again!
That’s me at the moment…glaring at my speaker…because Christine and Raoul are being all lovey dovey…and now I’m going to sob because the reprise of All I Ask of You is on…
Anyway, I’m here for some important questions, mostly involving the future of this blog. Don’t worry, it’ll still be a full on fandom blog! 

Please answer as many of these questions as you’d like! Well, without further adieu, let’s get started!
1) Would you like to see more of my writing on this blog? If so, then what do you want me to write? Fanfictions, random little short stories, etc. 

2) Would you enjoy it if I posted more reviews of things?

3) Should I post more about my normal life?

4) Do you want to see more creative things on this blog, such as drawings or singing videos? 

5) Do you want me to post more videos? 

6) Should I start a series of posts? 

7) Should I post more often or less? 

8) Should I live blog things more often? 

9) Would you like more information about my OTPs and stuff? 

10) Should I post more things about video games?

11) What should I post about altogether? 
Like I said, you don’t have to answer any of these, or all of these. Just do whichever ones you want, though I’d prefer if you answered them all. 

Also, I’m working on Saving Fandoms again, so expect an update sometime at some point. I won’t put a set date since it’s toward the bottom of my priority list, but I will work on it. There’s all new fandoms, new girls, etc. 
Well, that’s it for now! Bye ya! 


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