Phantom of the Opera- Songs (SPOILER ALERT!!)

Ah, now we go though all the songs from Phantom of the Opera. I lied. I can’t go through all of them in countdown fashion. It’ll tear me to pieces as I try to decide things. So I’ll just talk about all the different songs in order of how they are on the soundtrack. I’m using the 2004 movie’s expanded soundtrack, with a few hints from the 25th anniversary (Twisted Every Way, Notes (the second one), etc) version, just saying. So, let’s get started! I’m actually listening to Phantom as I write this, ironically. Without further ado, let’s get started! I’ve been saying that a lot lately. I’m going to be separating a few, as they have a slash and I feel like they’re their own songs.


Essentially an auction where they unveil the chandelier. It sets up the story by showing Raoul when he is older bidding on a music box topped with the figure of a monkey in Persian robes playing the cymbals.

Notable quotes:

“Lot 666: A chandelier in pieces.”- auctioneer dude.

“Perhaps we can scare away the ghost of so many years ago with a little ILLUMINATION.”- auctioneer dude who technically doesn’t have a name. Eruanna, if he does, please let me know in the comments.


The literal most iconic song in the whole movie/musical/whatever you consider this. It’s extremely dramatic, loud (beware if you are using earbuds), intense, and beautiful. Most people have probably heard it. If you haven’t, please go listen to it. Please. For Leese. It starts playing right as they rip the tarp off of the chandelier. It doesn’t have words, but I do still have a quote from it.

Notable quotes:



Generally grouped in with the overture. This occurs during a rehearsal for the play called, you guessed it, Hannibal. It’s really entertaining with a whole bunch of yelling at Piangi because he can’t pronounce Rome. Hannibal, for your information, is not a real musical and is extremely comical. Carlotta, the main soprano for quite a while, five seasons to be exact, goes all brattastic midway through and just kind of snaps at everyone because her costume isn’t done and she hates her hat and blah blah blah blah blah blah. Yeah. It’s also where you meet Raoul, Christine, Meg, Madame Giry, Andre, Firmin, Carlotta, Piangi, and a whole bunch of other people. Big song. Yep.

Notable quotes:

“Grovel. Grovel, grovel.”- Monsieur Lefevre

“Because I will not be singing!”- Carlotta

“Hannibal comes!”- Chorus people

Actually one of my favorite songs in the whole movie. It starts off with Carlotta singing, then the Phantom drops a backdrop and she has a whole freak attack and storms out, screaming for her dog. Then Meg suggests that Christine sings it, and of course, she does amazingly. Everyone is amazed at her talent and she gets the role, all thanks to the amazing Meg Giry. It then cuts to her performing on the stage after the first two stanzas, Raoul recognizes her halfway through the song, and there is an IMPRESSIVE cadenza (is that what it’s called?) at the very end of the song. In short, this song is absolutely gorgeous and I sing it on a daily basis. I vividly remember texting my friend when I first heard it and saying “Wow she can sing!” and she knew exactly what I was talking about.

Notable quotes:

“Think of me, think of me fondly, when we’ve said goodbye.”- Christine

“We never said our love was evergreen, or as unchanging as the sea.”- Christine

“Can it be? Can it be Christine?”- Raoul

“Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade, they have their seasons, so do we.”- Christine


This song. This song. This song. Meg and Christine are trying to find out who the Angel of Music who was teaching Christine really is through the form of an absolutely beautiful song. That was a confusing sentence and I’d like to apologize. They wander around the Opera Populaire trying to find the Angel of Music. Then Christine starts to go white and pale, much to Meg’s alarm. She tells Christine not to be frightened and then the song ends. 

Notable Quotes:

“Angel of Music, guide and guardian, grant to me your glory!” -Christine

“Brava! Brava! Bravissima!”- Phantom


Really a cute song. Even I say that. And I hate Raoul/Christine. I just find it adorable for some reason. Basically, he busts into her dressing room and dramatically starts singing this song they sang together when they were children. Then he tries to force her out to dinner and it turns crazy.

Notable Quotes:

“No, Raoul, the Angel of Music is very strict.”- Christine

“Little Lotte let her mind wander.”- Raoul


Okay, the opening of this song is the most hilariously dramatic thing on the planet. Phantom hates Raoul. No doubts about it. Then the Phantom appears in Christine’s mirror and tells her to come to him. Of course, she does, otherwise there’d be no plot. Suddenly, their hands touch and the opening notes of the next song (which is the same tune as the overture, if you were curious) explode your eardrums. This song is one of those that never comes out of your head, and I probably have it memorized from how much I love it. It’s probably my second favorite song on the soundtrack. No, never mind, I can’t pick a second favorite.

Notable Quotes:

“INSOLENT BOY! THIS SLAVE OF FASHION! BASKING IN YOUR GLORY! IGNORANT FOOL! THIS BRAVE YOUNG SUITOR! SHARING IN MY TRIUMPH!” – Phantom (his first impression of Raoul that makes me laugh because it’s basically what I thought of him the first time I watched the movie. Don’t worry, I think slightly better of him now. Key word being slightly)

“Look at your face in the mirror, I am there inside!”- Phantom


“Wait, Leese,” you might be saying, “isn’t this the name of the musical?” Yes. Yes it is. But the title song is the most important song in the movie! And it also happens to be my favorite. It starts immediately after The Mirror ends, right as she takes the Phantom’s hand. This song has been stuck in my head since I joined this fandom if that gives you any idea of how much I love it. It takes place as Phantom is leading Christine to his lair/house/thingy. It’s the legit best and has INTENSE high notes that my friends can hit but I ,unfortunately, cannot. Trust me, I’ve tried. Darn. In short, this song is AWESOME and everyone should listen to it.

Notable Quotes:


“Sing for me!”- Phantom


This song is absolute perfection. It’s a ballad to Christine from the Phantom talking about the music that he writes. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and in my opinion, the prettiest song in the movie. Of course, there’s a rather…odd pose midway through and the Phantom is a bit scary, what with his lifelike dummy of Christine, but STILL! This song is beautiful! Eeeeeek! I sing it very often and it’s one of my absolute favorites! It’s a solo for Phantom, which makes it even better in most cases.

Notable Quotes:

“And listen to the music of the night.”- Phantom

“Nighttime sharpens, heightens each sensation.”- Phantom

“Turn your face away from the garish light of day!”- Phantom (this is probably my favorite line in the song)

Ew, Joseph Buquet. I’m okay with him dying. He’s annoying and hates the Phantom. Luckily, he gets his own from Madame Giry aka the LEGIT BEST. She slaps him in the face there at the end and tells him to keep his hand at the level of his eyes, the first time we hear this important line. This song’s only about a minute or so long, making it the shortest in the movie.

Notable Quotes:

“Or he will catch you with his magical lasso.”- Joseph Buquet

“Those who speak of what they know find too late that prudent silence is wise. Joseph Buquet, hold your tongue! *slap across the face* Keep your hand at the level of your eyes.”- Madame Giry (yes, I know this is a lot. I just adore this entire little song thingy.)


Cut back to Phantom and Christine down in Phantom land. Christine’s woken up and is trying to solve the mystery of who the Phantom is. She takes off his mask and he is EXTREMELY angry. And I mean, I probably would be too, if I had on a mask for a reason. Then it goes into the next song, which is called Stranger Than You Dreamt It.

Notable Quotes:

“Who was that shape in the shadows? Whose is the face in the mask?”- Christine

“Is this what you wanted to see?”- Phantom


This song is often grouped in with I Remember, but I decided to separate them because I see them as separate songs. This one takes place when the Phantom is trying to convince Christine to love him. She gives him his mask back and he returns her to the above, even calling Andre and Firmin fools in the process. I do like this song, as it has a lovely melody and the lyrics are absolutely beautiful. The rhythm is also amazing.

Notable Quotes:

“Fear can turn to love. You’ll learn to see, to find the man behind the monster.”- Phantom

“Come, we must return, those two fools who run my theatre will be missing you.”- Phantom.


Legit one of the best songs. Firmin and Andre are struggling with all their sopranos disappearing and it’s getting a lot of publicity. The Phantom is also leaving a lot of notes to all sorts of people, such as Raoul and Carlotta. It’s kind of a disaster, which leads Andre and Firmin to say that there are far too many notes. Of course, then Carlotta throws a hissy fit and they launch into another song (my least favorite in the movie mostly because I can’t stand Carlotta).

Notable Quotes:

“Far too many notes for my taste, and most of them about Christine. All we’ve heard since we came is Miss Daae’s name!”- Andre and Firmin.


“Gossip’s worth it’s weight in gold.”- Firmin

“The Angel of Music has her under his wing.”- Phantom (but Andre is reading the note)

“The role of the pageboy is silent, which makes my casting, in a word, ideal.”- Phantom


Ew, Carlotta. She’s back, and this time everyone is groveling at her feet. This is later discovered to be a TERRIBLE decision, seeing as the Phantom WARNED YOU ALL to cast Christine as the countess, but you know Andre and Firmin. They don’t listen worth a crap. Anyway, they’re all begging at her feet for her to sing while Meg, Madame Giry, and Raoul try to figure out who the Angel of Music (they don’t know that it’s the Phantom) is. Intensely dramatic but Carlotta just ticks me off. It’s a nice song if you ignore her.

Notable Quotes:

“Prima donna, first lady of the stage!” -Andre and Firmin

“Would you not rather have your precious little ingenue?”- Carlotta

“We get our opera.” “She gets her limelight.” -Andre and Firmin


Ah yes, Il Muto. Probably the least appreciated musical within a musical. Hannibal gets attention for the dramatic dropping of the backdrop, Don Juan is, well, we’ll see when we get there, and Il Muto doesn’t get much. Sure, a guy dies, but that happens in Don Juan too. Christine gets cast as Serafimo, the silent page boy, which is a terrible idea. They cast Carlotta as the countess, which is a WORSE idea. Oh dear. Il Muto has done some stupid things. Mostly casting Carlotta. Anyway, that’s that. Basically, Buquet dies. That’s the notable thing. He gone. Dead. D-E-A-D dead. RIP, etc, etc. Done.

Notable Quotes:

“A toad, Madame? Perhaps it is you who are the toad.”- Phantom

“His Lordship sure would die of shock! His Lordship is a laughing stock!”- chorus dudes


Ah yes, dramatically racing up stairways. Christine and Raoul are running from the scene of Buquet’s death, all while dramatically singing. It’s amazing. Of course, Mr. Non-Believer Raoul is all “Christine, there is no Phantom of the Opera. You’re just hallucinating again.” Of course, ding-dong, you are wrong. THIS IS WHY I DON’T LIKE YOU RAOUL. YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN PHANTOM. Yep. This song is often grouped together with Raoul I’ve Been There, the next song on the soundtrack.

Notable Quotes:

“There is no Phantom of the Opera.”- Raoul (ding-dong, you are wrong)

“And in this labyrinth, where night is blind, The Phantom of the Opera is here/there, inside my/your mind!”- Raoul and Christine

“And if he has to kill a thousand men, the Phantom of the Opera will kill and kill again.”- Christine


She finally convinced him that the Phantom exists. Good. That took too long, bro. Oh nope, as I scan the lyrics for quotes (I do have most of these memorized, but I’m a bit ignorant while singing), no he’s still a non-believer. Geesh. But she’s telling him about her trip down to the lair, even though she makes it sound absolutely miserable. To me, it sounds entertaining to go down there with Phantom. But I just love him, so…yeah. Anyway…the next song is one I absolutely loathe. It’s a cute song if you ignore the fact it’s a dramatic love song between Raoul and Christine. But I’m biased. Don’t listen to Leese.

Notable Quotes:

“What you heard was a dream and nothing more.”- Raoul (again I say, ding-dong, you are wrong)

“Raoul, I’ve been there, to his world of unending night. To a world where the daylight dissolves into darkness, darkness. Raoul, I’ve seen him! Can I ever forget that sight? Can I ever escape from that face? So distorted, deformed, it was hardly a face, in the darkness, darkness. But his voice filled my spirit with a strange, sweet sound. In that night, there was music in my mind .And through music my soul began to soar! And I’d heard as I’d never heard before.”- Christine (yes, that’s most of the song)


Oh dear. It’s not that I dislike the song, it’s that I dislike the couple in the song. But that’s my unpopular/irrelevent opinion. Yep. Basically, Raoul is making all these promises to Christine (which he breaks in LND, mind you. I know most of you hate LND, but my friend loves it. I’ve never seen it), and then they get all romantic. It’s extremely fluffy. Of course, Phantom was here this whole time and feels absolutely betrayed. Essentially, my thoughts of this song are that it’s cute but I don’t like Raoul. At all. Of course he’s better than Carlotta, but isn’t everyone?  Anyway, I’m done here. Next is the most HEARTBREAKING song in the whole show.

Notable Quotes:

“Love me…that’s all I ask of you!” – Christine and Raoul

“Say you’ll share with me one love, one lifetime.”- Christine/Raoul (they sing it at different points of the song)


The first time I heard this, I said “RIP my heart.” My friend proceeded to say “Yep. And RIP my eye makeup.” I believe both of these to be true. Basically, the Phantom sees that Christine has chosen Raoul over him, which is the WORST FEELING EVER most likely. He feels betrayed, cheated, everything. And of course gets very angry, because well, he’s the Phantom. And who wouldn’t? The girl he loved, taught, helped through struggles, did so much for, had just betrayed him for her childhood sweetheart. I find this to be the most heartbreaking song in the whole show and I almost cry every time I hear it. I’ll just be listening to my Phantom/LND playlist (don’t judge me) and suddenly just become very sad because the reprise of All I Ask Of You came on. Basically, for this part, get tissues. You will cry. And of course, the first time I was watching Phantom, I had it on YouTube and had to go to bed right after this ended. So I was in depressing sleep. Yep. It was painful.

Notable Quotes:

“The whole song.”

“You will curse the day you did not do…all that…the Phantom asked of YOOOUUUUUU!”- Phantom (obviously)

“I gave you my music. Made your song take wing.”- Phantom

“*ugly sobbing*”- Leese (not a legit quote)


I do rather like this song. It’s nicely executed and I love all the different costumes here. But it’s extremely hard to sing as the lyrics move in extreme speed mode. But I’m learning, I’m learning. I think it’s rather deep, how they talk about how no one can ever figure out who you are if you’re in a mask the whole time. Of course, this song makes me cringe at Andre and Firmin’s stupidity. IF YOU’RE TRYING TO AVOID A MASKED MAN, DO NOT THROW A MASKED BALL. It’s that simple! Then everyone’s so surprised when the Phantom shows up at the end of this/beginning of Why So Silent, and I’m just pulling my hair out because the managers are idiots. Most of this of this song is sung by a chorus, which is nice to see. Of course, ALW had to put a bit of Christine/Raoul fluff halfway through, which is a bit irritating because Raoul is still a nonbeliever when it comes to Phantom. How long will it take you, bro? And that’s all I have to say here before I say some not so nice things about Raoul, which will offend Eruanna.

Notable Quotes:
“Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! Masquerade! Hide your face so the world will never find you.”- Chorus

“Look, your future bride.”- Christine


One of my all-time favorites. I don’t know why. But yep, this is one of Leese’s Picks (TM) , patent pending. The Phantom is being a drama queen again, no one’s surprised, but it’s just so amazing! He comes dramatically down the stairs, which is amazing, and the rhythm here is absolute perfection. Probably because it’s a Phantom solo. This song is often grouped with Masquerade, but I’m counting it as its own song because it’s just that fabulous. Unfortunately, I cannot say too much about it because it’s very very short, but it’s absolutely amazing. Not to mention that it reveals Don Juan Triumphant, which is a very important opera/plot point.

Notable Quotes:

“Why so silent, good messieurs? Did you think that I had left you for good?”- Phantom (fun fact: I used this to start a conversation once)

“No doubt she’ll do her best, it’s true, her voice is good, she knows, though should she wish to excel..she still has much to learn..if pride will let her return to me…her teacher…her teacher.”- Phantom


There are two songs named Notes. Work with me here. This one is a bit of a reaction to Don Juan, which not that many people are pleased with. Especially not Carlotta. Man, she is ANGRY! Mostly because Christine got the role of Aminta, the lead female role. But you know what? Christine sings much better than you, Carlotta. So just shut up. This song isn’t in the movie (I don’t think. It’s not on the soundtrack as its own song, anyway). Unfortunately, I cannot find any quotes for this song. Mostly because I get the other song when I search up Notes.


I kept these two grouped together because I’m not entirely sure what to say about them. There aren’t that many lyrics for any of them. Essentially, this is where you learn the Phantom’s EXTREMELY depressing backstory. As I’ve been saying for the past few songs, bring tissues. You might end up sad. I did. But that’s because I pitied Phantom from the bottom of my heart. I’m weird like that. Umm…that’s all I have to say here. Ooh, wait! Raoul finally starts believing in the Phantom! Yay!

Notable Quotes:

“I hid him from the world and its cruelties.”- Madame Giry

“But clearly, Madame Giry, genius has turned to madness.”- Raoul


Christine is going to the cemetery to see her father’s grave. That much is obvious. But it turns out that the carriage man is really the Phantom! She arrives at the graveyard and lauches into a very depressing song called Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. You’ll cry. I came pretty close. Oh, and on the carriage ride, she starts singing The Phantom of the Opera (the song, not the musical. That’d be me you’re thinking of). I’m not going to list any quotes here, as the only lyrics are the first verse of the title song.


AUUUUGGGGHHH DEPRESSING!! Christine is at the cemetery to visit her father’s grave, which is sad enough, but when she sings a heartbreaking song about it, everything is worse. I almost cried and my friend was just like, “Oh yes, that one’s sad.” Of course, her singing skills were on point in this scene. The lyrics in this song are absolutely the best and I consider this song to have some of the best quotes from the whole movie. But I always find depressing things to be very quotable. The song also has part of Little Lotte in it, which makes it all the more sad because she’s talking about how her father promised to send the Angel of Music to her. Ah, I need to stop before I make myself cry. Or maybe I’m just stuffy. I don’t know. But this is a sad song. Which means everyone should listen to it! Yay! This is one of my favorite songs on the soundtrack, and I have good taste, if I say so myself. And now it comes on. Gosh. I’m going to cry.

Notable Quotes:

“Too many years, fighting back tears. Why can’t the past just die?”- Christine

“You were once a friend and father.”- Christine

“Wishing you were somehow here again.”- Christine

“Try to forgive, teach me to live.”- Christine

“No more memories, no more silent tears. No more gazing across the wasted years.”- Christine

“Help me say Goodbye.”- Christine


Aka naive Christine. She finds herself believing that the Phantom is her father, which even I think was stupid of her to do. And I defend most t.hings she does. But this song is absolutely beautiful. She remembers all that was good with the Phantom, or at least that’s how I interpret it. But of course Raoul ruins everything by telling her that it’s not her father. C’mon man, you ruined a happily ever after! I think this song is absolutely gorgeous and it’s a shame that it doesn’t get as much attention as it should. It starts right after Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again ends, but they aren’t grouped together on the soundtrack. Part of it is to the tune of Angel of Music, which I find nicely done. (I pause this to tell LND!Raoul to shut up. He’s bugging me.) But yes, Wandering Child is absolutely amazing and the opening part will get stuck in your head.

Notable Quotes:

“Angel or father? Friend or Phantom?”- Christine

“Have you forgotten your angel?”- Phantom

“What endless longings, echo in this whisper?”- Christine


A swordfight. Exactly what it sounds like. Basically, Raoul and Phantom fight intensely because Raoul got angry at the Phantom for “mind tricking” Christine. Phantom cuts Raoul’s arm, but then gets pinned down. Luckily Christine tells him not to kill Phantom, which is good or we’d have a heartbroken Leese. So yeah. That happened. Since this is instrumental, we have no quotes today.


Probably the catchiest song on the soundtrack. I am trying to make a drum cover of it, but I can’t figure out the rhythm. I find it well executed and absolutely beautiful. Even though they’re talking about killing Phantom, which is NOT OKAY. DEFINITELY NOT OKAY. It’s a trio thingy between Andre, Firmin, and Raoul. And I promise you, this will be stuck in your head for weeks and you’ll find yourself trying to figure out the rhythm. That’s a Leese guarantee. Naturally, their plan fails, which is pretty sucky. But whatever! Phantom forever!

Notable Quotes:

“We have all been blind. And yet the answer is staring us in the face! This…could be the chance. To ensnare our clever friend.”- Raoul


I’m putting this song in the position it is in when it comes to the movie, even though in the musical it’s grouped with the second edition of Notes. Essentially, this song is Christine panicking over the Phantom, even though she really shouldn’t. He wouldn’t hurt her. But she’s all concerned that he’s going to kill her. I absolutely love this song and I’m not sure why. Probably because it’s almost as catchy as We Have All Been Blind.

Notable Quotes:

“What horrors wait for me in this, the Phantom’s Opera?”- Christine

“Twisted every way, which answer can I give? Am I to risk my life to win the chance to live?”- Christine


Rehearsals for Don Juan are beginning! Yay! Christine got the main role! Of course, the content of this song is a little…questionable. It’s a little…not appropriate for smaller, more innocent children. I was surprised when I heard it for the first time. I knew that things got a bit romantic, but I wasn’t ready for this. Definitely not. Of course, it’s absolutely beautiful, and the ballet midway through has some phenomenal violin music. And it’s probably a bit awkward with Piangi, an old man, as the love interest and Christine, who is approximately sixteen, as the female lead. Of course, that’s just my opinion. It’s rather irrelevant most of the time.

Notable Quotes:

“No dreams within her heart but dreams of love!”- Christine

“No second thoughts.”- Phantom


Ramin’s version is the best. Sorry Gerard/Michael/every other Phantom. Anyway, this song is a continuation of Don Juan after the Phantom replaces Piangi in singing with Christine. He professes his love to her in an extremly cute rendition of All I Ask Of You while Raoul looks on very disgustedly. I love this song even though it’s about…yeah. Things that are not appropriate for discussing on this blog. Who knows why I like it? I just think it’s cool sounding. Who knows why? Probably because I feel like the Phantom is at least getting part of a happy ending.  And the poor man needs a happy ending. I could rant about that all day.

Notable Quotes:

“Past the point of no return, no going back now.”- Christine

“The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn!”- Phantom and Christine

“Anywhere you go let me go too. Christine, that’s all I ask of-*overture starts blaring*”- Phantom


Again, I have these grouped together because Im not ceertain where one ends and the other begins. I think Track Down This Murderer is the mob singing, but I’m not certain.

Anyway, this song starts off (in the movie) right after the Chandelier Crash and as he Phantom is taking Christine to his lair again, hence the title. There is an angry mob following them and trying to kill the Phantom, which is upsetting. Meanwhile, Mme Giry and Raoul are trying to get down there and save Christine. This is one of the most frantic songs I’ve ever heard, with a lot of feeling in it and Phantom, Christine, and Raoul all singing in a crazed trio thing. It’s really hard to sing (trust me, I try to sing all the parts). It’s super crazy intense. And of course, being Leese, I do rather pity the Phantom here. He truly loves Christine and ends up getting rejected. How rude. But the Phantom does get one kiss from Christine, which made me extremely happy that he got a semi-happy ending in that sense.

Then, toward the end, Phantom realizes that the mob is coming. He tells Christine to leave and forget everything. Of course, she can’t forget about all this. Who could?

Then it ends. The song ends, as does the main part of the movie. The Phantom disappears and all that’s left of him is his mask, which Meg finds and takes back to the surface. And Leese cries.

Notable Quotes:

“Down once more to the dungeons of my black despair! Down we plunge to the prison of my mind!”- Phantom

“Why you ask was I bound and chained in this cold and dismal place?”- Phantom

“Wait, I think, my dear, we have a guest!”- Phantom (I absolutely ADORE how Gerard Butler says this line. He puts just enough venom into it and it really shows how he feels about Raoul. It’s PERFECT. This is the line that makes or breaks a Phantom for me.)

“Please, Raoul, it’s useless!”- Christine

“The world showed no compassion to me!”- Phantom

“The tears I might have shed for your dark fate…grow cold and turn to tears of hate!”- Christine

“For any way you choose you cannot win!”- Phantom

“Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known? God give me courage to show you, you are not alone!”- Christine (sorry about using His name in vain. Those are the song’s lyrics, so I had to put them like that)

“It’s over now, the music of the night!”- Phantom


Yes, I know I said that Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer was last. But in the credits of the movie, Minnie Driver (Carlotta) sings another song, seeing as it was not Driver who sang in the movie as she had no opera experience. Fun fact: I used to think this song was Mme Giry singing, and I still tend to believe that it’s about her. Who knows why? But anyway, it’s the credits song and it’s absolutely amazing! Speaking of which, it came on just now as I write this. It has such a soft, sweet melody that I can’t bear to leave it out of this. And Driver’s voice is just amazing! Well, that’s all for this song.

Notable Quotes:

‘Learn how to love life that is lived alone.”- Minnie Driver


Well, that’s all for this post! Thanks again to H.G of Middle Hyrule for letting me steal her idea and modify it to be about Phantom! The next post will be out soon, and it should be a rather short one, seeing as there aren’t that many relationships in Phantom. But I will be expressing my opinion on all of them, and that could take a while. Mostly because I could rant for years upon years about E/C. Hehehehehehehehehehehe…Sorry to you R/C shippers, mostly Eruanna. Anyway, that’s all for now! Bye guys!




12 thoughts on “Phantom of the Opera- Songs (SPOILER ALERT!!)

  1. Middle Hyrule says:

    If you haven’t listened to the whole 25th anniversary, I hearby require you to do so. It is the best. The absolute best. It is also the closest I ever came to shipping E/C. I loved this post, by the way – Why Have You Brought Me Here has been one of my favorites since the first time I watched the movie, and I agree about Madame Giry being a total -insert word I shouldn’t say- and rocking the world. By the way, you’re not taking his name in vain there because she’s actually praying for strength, so she’s talking to God and the Phantom which is cool because – fun fact – the original Angel of Music was Lucifer. I know, right? Mind blown. You are free to disclose that info in your next post. In fact I request that you do.


    • addbratlove225 says:

      Oh my. Information.

      I have listened to 25th Anniversary and it is magnificent!

      Madame Giry is awesome.

      I will disclose that in its own post.


  2. Middle Hyrule says:

    Also, if I were in Phantom, I’d want to play Carlotta (not good enough so I probably couldn’t) or Firmin. Or perhaps Andre. I can sing all of Christine’s notes, but I’d rather not play her for… reasons. I’m sure you understand.

    I have a thing for playing male roles/gender-flipping roles though, so Firmin would be my top pick.


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