Caption that Picture! 

I needed to post something. So here we are. 

I may be starting a new post series based off this. As it says in the title, we will be attempting to caption this picture! (Eruanna, if you actually know what’s happening in this scene, do not say anything.) 


Can We Take a Look At Something? 

So, a few days ago, I watched Love Never Dies. And I had no idea why everyone hates it so much! The music is enchanting, Gustave is a cinnamon roll, and the plot was surprisingly good. It exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high because one of my closest friends is constantly raving about it. 

I watched the Australian performance, and I thought the acting and singing was very good, other than Anna O’Byrne’s facial expressions being a little awkward. Ben Lewis was amazing, as was Simon Gleeson. 

So why does everyone hate it? 


My best friend and I LOVE Hamilton and we were playing Scrabble. Then we gave up and made this:

Hamilton Scrabble. We wanted to fit more words (or I did, my brain was screaming to add Lafayette), but since we did it like real scrabble, we ran out of room without making nonexistant words. 

Oh Whale

I am watching Phantom for the second time in two nights. Why? Because I can. And it’s a good movie. I’m currently at Stranger Than You Dreamt It. 

Essentially it ended up as:

Me: Leese, should you really watch Phantom again? You just watched it last night!

Me to Me: You are a phangirl and the Phantom has stolen your heart and soul. Turn it on.

Me: Okay then! 

And here we are now.