Anna and the Phoenix’s Song

This is the story of Anna, a fangirl whose greatest dream comes true!


Anna: You guys lucked out. You get TWO chapters about my life today!


Note: This as written as if Remus, Tonks, Sirius, and Fred never died.
“We can’t let anything happen to her,” the woman said.
“But will Muggles be able to handle a magical child?” her husband answered.
The baby girl started to cry. It was as if she knew that her parents couldn’t care for her. Even though the war was over, Voldemort’s followers could still be hunting Harry Potter’s friends.
With that, they Apparated to the Muggle house right beside number twelve Grimmauld Place.
When they arrived, they noticed that the baby’s hair, which had been brown, was now a dark blue with sadness. Her parents then knew that their daughter was not like most.
Sobbing, the woman left her daughter on the front step of the house, conjured a note, and disapparated.
As if by chance, the owner of the house opened the door and read the note on the little girl’s basket. “Her name is Anna. Can you care for her?” it said.
The woman, Andrea Mathis, took the baby inside.
So began Anna’s life with the Muggles. Little did she know that she was a VERY special child, thanks to a rose made of silk that was the only thing left of her parents…

Chapter One- Secrets and Surprises

Anna sat in her room, nose in a book. Her brown hair was pulled in a ponytail as she read. As she did so, her hair changed colors according to her emotions.
Suddenly, she started crying. “I’m never ready for this, am I, Erin?” she asked herself as she threw down the book.
“Anna, are you all right up there?” her mother called up the stairs, wondering why her daughter was crying. When no answer came, Mrs. Davis just muttered, “She must be rereading Forest of Secrets. She always does this when Silverstream dies.”
Anna looked in the mirror. Her hair changed colors again. It was a pale shade of blue now, likely to reflect her sadness. Strange, yes, but she enjoyed having this gift to tease her friend Allison.
The rest of the day went normally. Well, that was, until the mail came. Anna was in her bedroom writing on Wattpad and clutching a red rose made of silk when her mother called her downstairs, saying she had mail. Strange, she thought, I never get mail. Probably from one of the fanclubs I’m in. Well, who knows? It could be my Hogwarts letter!
She turned to her mother, who handed her the letter. “Thanks! Shall I open it?”
Anna’s mother nodded, smiling. She ripped open the envelope to see…was that a Hogwarts letter? “Oh my…I’m magical!” Anna gasped, bouncing around the room.
“Let me go call some family to tell them,” Mrs. Davis said as she walked off. She tried to be happy, but really she was heartbroken. Anna wasn’t even her daughter! She was calling the girl’s real parents right then. But she’d be sad to see the girl she had raised for eleven years leave her, and likely never come back.
Mrs. Davis walked back out. Before she could tell Anna that visitors were coming, there was a loud CRACK! and a knock on the door. “I’ve got it, Mom!” Anna shouted, running to the door. Purple streaks appeared in her hair as she opened it to see a woman with bubblegum pink hair and a tall man with brown hair and a mustache. The woman hugged Mrs. Davis.
“Thank you so much, Cynthia,” the woman whispered, tears in her eyes. She then turned to Anna. “Why don’t you sit down? We need to talk.”
“I’m Remus Lupin, and this is my wife, Nymphadora Tonks. We’re your parents, Anna,” the man said.
Anna couldn’t believe her ears. She’d read about them in her books! They had another son, Teddy. “But I thought you were dead!” she gasped, hair turning pure white with shock.
“You’re a Metamorphagus, too! See Remus, I told you she wouldn’t be a werewolf,” Tonks gasped. “Do you still have the silk rose we gave you as a baby?”
Anna nodded. She ran upstairs to get it, then sprinted down. On the way down, she knocked down a vase. “Merlin help her. She’s got Tonks’s clumsiness,” Remus laughed under his breath.
Anna held out the rose, smiling. “I knew it was important! But why?” she asked.
“You’ll see later in the year. Come on, let’s go get your school stuff! Your brother’s already there,” Tonks laughed, taking her daughter’s hand and Apparating off.
They found themselves in Diagon Alley hardly five seconds later. “That. Was. AMAZING!” Anna cheered.
“I’m glad. Now, I’m going to go pick you up a surprise. Well, two. One’s from your father, and one’s from me. I want you to go get your wand,” Tonks told her daughter.
She had almost walked off when Remus looked back and said, “We forgot to give her money.”
Luckily Anna heard and rushed back. “Okay, here’s 20 Galleons. That should be enough to cover it,” Tonks said, and this time they actually did part ways.
She walked down the street to Ollivander’s. To her surprise, there was only one family waiting to get their oldest son a wand. A girl was currently getting hers, but Mr. Ollivander called out for the boy to step up there. Clearly the girl was done.
“Mom, this is strange. Why couldn’t I have gone with Dad to get my books?” the boy complained.
“James, you’d have to come in here anyway. Lily, dear, please don’t tug on my purse,” the boy’s mother scolded.
The doorbell jingled as a man walked in carrying an owl and a cauldron full of books. “Ginny, you’ll never believe who I saw in the Magical Menagerie when I was getting James’s owl! Lupin and Tonks! They said they were getting gifts for their daughter Anna, who’s in James’s year.”
Anna’s hair turned pink with excitement. She forgot that her parents knew Harry and Ginny! Lily gasped. “Mum! That girl’s hair was brown and purple, but now it’s pink!” she shouted.
“Lily, she’s a Metamorphagus. Dad, do you think that’s Anna Lupin? Her mother is a Metamorphagus,” the younger boy asked.
“Albus, she’s standing right here. Why don’t you just ask her?” Harry told his ten year old son.
Anna nodded. “Yes, I’m Anna Lupin. It’s my first year,” she said. Lily smiled.
“James, she’s in your year! I want to come with you. Can I?” the little girl begged.
“Lils, I’m sure Anna will end up as one of James’s friends. What house do you want to be in?” Ginny asked.
“Hufflepuff. I’ve always wanted to be like them,” Anna replied. The doorbell jingled again as Remus and Tonks walked in, each carrying a cage. Her mother carried a silver tabby kitten, and her father carried a shimmering phoenix.
“Hello, Lupin, Tonks. We’ve just been talking to Anna,” Ginny said. Lily raced forward.
“Anna, can I pet your kitty?” she asked, her brown eyes pleading.
“Of course, Lily. Her name’s Silverstream. And the phoenix is Solaris,” Anna said, stroking the bird’s fiery feathers.
James stepped down from the pedestal. Anna knew that it was her turn to go up there and get her wand, but she didn’t know if she wanted to. Ollivander had proved to be a very strange man. She took Silverstream and took her up with her for extra confidence. Almost immediately he handed her a wand. She flicked it upward and boxes flew off the shelves.
It was quickly replaced with another, which wasn’t quite right either. Anna could see James laughing at her, and her hair flashed pink-streaked red with embarrassment and anger.
This went on for three more wands. He quickly passed her the sixth. She gave it a flick and Silverstream lifted into the air. Albus was laughing, but Lily was wide-eyed with admiration.
From that moment on Anna and Lily were almost like sisters, sharing secrets and having silly inside jokes that no one knew.
“Congratulations, Anna Lupin. Your wand is an 11 inch vine with a phoenix feather core. That will be ten Galleons,” Mr. Ollivander said, accepting Anna’s payment.
The two families walked through Diagon Alley, picking up almost anything the new students wanted. Of course, Anna begged for a complete collection of Warriors books, as did Lily.
Things went on this way for a while, with Harry and Remus locked in a Quidditch conversation, Ginny and Tonks talking about their children leaving for Hogwarts, and the kids conversing over their House at Hogwarts. Then a humongous store dawned in the distance. Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. Anna’s hair flashed golden as her blue eyes lit up. She sprinted forward, knowing that she had to go buy SOMETHING from Fred and George.
Fred. The thought pained Anna as she knew she had to go face George in the shop. Wait, she thought, if Tonks and Lupin- Mum and Dad, I mean, didn’t die, is it possible that Fred is still living as well? We’ve got to go see! With that, Anna flung open the door, rushing inside.
The store was just as crazy as it was when she read about it. Tonks and Lupin immediately rushed off toward a boy standing in the window, looking at the massive selection of candies. Anna shrugged and headed off with Lily toward whatever the young seven year old wanted to look at.
They found themselves in front of the Pygmy Puffs, and Anna knew that Lily wanted to buy one. Ginny seemed to know as well, as she handed her daughter some Galleons and told her to let Fred and George know that she was her daughter. Silverstream was trying to bat the puffy creatures, however. Solaris didn’t care, though. She just perched on Anna’s shoulder and sang gently into her ear.
Anna noticed that Lily had run to the counter, and decided to play a trick on Fred and George. George’s children sat behind the counter, playing exploding snap. Anna beckoned Lily over. “Yes?” the little girl chirped happily.
“Don’t go over there quite yet. I’m pranking the prank-masters. When you see a girl with long, feathered, red hair and blue eyes come over to you, that’ll be me,” she whispered, then ran toward the bathrooms.
Anna willed her appearance to change. She watched as her eyes went from dark green-blue to pale, icy blue. Her side-swept bangs morphed back into the rest of her hair, which was turning fiery red. Anna nodded. She looked just like a Weasley.
She pushed through the crowd and over to Lily. “Now, if anyone asks, we’re sisters,” Anna whispered, and Lily nodded.
“Excuse me, but my sister would like to buy one of your Pygmy Puffs,” Anna said, nudging Lily playfully.
“Lily! I didn’t know you had a sister,” one of the twins who Anna thought was George gasped.
“Yes, I do. Her name is Carrie,” Lily said, smiling as she led her uncles toward the creatures. Meanwhile, Anna hung behind, changing back into her normal self as they walked. Silverstream meowed indignantly. She had quite enjoyed playing with long hair, and didn’t enjoy Anna’s hair changing back to being short.
They arrived at the shelf and Fred handed Lily a purple Pygmy Puff. The twins turned around to ask Anna if she wanted something, but didn’t see her. Their niece, however, was laughing hysterically.
“We tricked you! Anna’s a Metamorphagus. She’s Lupin and Tonks’s daughter,” Lily giggled, bouncing around.
As if on cue to keep her daughter out of trouble, Tonks rushed over, took Anna’s hand, and raced off. “Teddy, this is your sister, Anna. She’s starting her first year. Now, if Anna’s a Hufflepuff too, I want you to help her out, all right?” Tonks said.
Teddy nodded. He was the blue haired thirteen year old boy they had seen earlier.
A bit of time passed, allowing the Lupins to explore the shop a bit, and Anna to get to know her older brother. They were interrupted by the Potter family walking over. “We were wondering if you wanted to stay the night at our house, since Lily and Anna have really hit it off, and Teddy and James are already friends,” Harry asked.
“Oh, Mom, can we?” Anna begged, looking up at Tonks. She really wanted to see the Potters’ house.
“Okay, Anna. I’ll go home and pack. You and Ted go ahead with the Potters. Remus’ll go with you, won’t you, Remus?” Tonks said.
She vanished with a pop, leaving three Lupins and the Potters. Ginny saw this as her chance to leave. “Anna, Teddy, take Lupin’s hand. Harry, you get the boys. I’ll handle Lils,” she said, taking her daughter’s hand and vanishing with a crack. Harry and Remus followed suit.
They found themselves greeted by Sirius Black. Anna heard stories about how he had been accused as a killer when it was really Peter Pettigrew and was one of the first to escape from Azkaban. He had almost died dueling Bellatrix, his aunt, but got VERY lucky.
Lily dragged Anna up to her room, where she would evidently be staying while she was with the Potters. The room was covered in Holyhead Harpies decals. Clearly Lily wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and be a professional Quidditch player.
The night passed quickly, and when it was time to go to sleep, Anna fell asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.
She could tell that this would be the best year ever.


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