30 Day Challenge- Drawing- Day One

Well, this is a sketch of myself. Anime, of course. My specialty. Comment if you like. Or if you hate. Or whatever.  



30 Day Challenge- LOTR- Day One


My favorite film is definitely The Two Towers. I may try and watch it tonight to do that long-awaited live blog. Why? Well, Arwenagorn, Helm’s Deep, we meet Eowyn, lots of things. Also Faramir. One of my favorite male characters. Don’t like Boromir that much though. Don’t ask why. He’s kind of annoying. Hate Denethor though. Glad when he died. 

30 Day Challenge about me- Part One

Well…here goes nothing. This ought to work out well (read: terrible).

Well, here we are.

I live in America

I’m a Hufflepuff at Hogwarts

I have a Spotify addiction

I’m Divergent (oops, wasn’t supposed to tell you that info)

I’m in James Potter II’s year

I’m an only child

My best friends are mostly online.