Saving Fandoms

Seven girls. Seven fandoms. Seven worlds. The villains of these fandoms have chosen to team up to destroy their worlds once and for all. It’s up to seven superfans to save their worlds from this danger.

I’m really excited to be writing this here for you all to read! It’ll be random, fast-paced, and there will be two sequels. There may be more, I really don’t know. But without further ado, I present…Saving Fandoms! 

Chapter One: First Day

 Sterling Arielle James groaned as her alarm clock went off. She HATED Mondays, even in summer. Well, at least she thought she did. Then she realized it. “I’m going to Camp Fandom!” Sterling screamed, running downstairs to get breakfast.
 She gulped down her pancakes, then bolted back upstairs to get dressed in her Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt and finish packing.
 Meanwhile, halfway across the city, Ivy Porter was a bit slower going, making sure that she had all of her Lord of the Rings merchandise. “Ivy! You’re going to be late!” her older sister, Mya, screamed up at her.
 “I’ll be there in a moment,” Ivy replied, grabbing her books. She still couldn’t believe that she got to go somewhere that Mya didn’t. And of all places, Camp Fandom! Ivy thought she was so lucky to be accepted. Camp didn’t take just anyone. Only the most enthusiatic fangirls and fanboys could go, and you had to submit an essay about your fandom.
 As Ivy finished packing, another young girl named Isabella was cramming Disney movies and merchandise in her suitcases. “Just…one…more!” she groaned as she shoved her copy of Fantasia into her Mickey Mouse printed suitcase. “This had better be worth it,” she muttered as she stomped down the stairs.
 Isabella frowned to see her stepdad sitting at the table. She knew her mother loved Jared, but she hated him. It was simple, really. He had called Isabella’s favorite movie, The Lion King, stupid. She just picked up her food and ate in silence.
 Another young fangirl, Stephany, was sitting in her living room, playing Pokemon: Omega Ruby, her favorite game. She already packed all of her things. Now she was just waiting for the bus.
 Ryleigh, on the other hand, frantically ran across her apartment, looking for all of the Harry Potter merchandise she could find, from scarves to bobbleheads.
 “MOM! Where’s my stuffed animal of Harry’s Patronus?” she screamed, sprinting around the apartment again.
 “Ryleigh, I don’t have a clue,” her mother answered. “Now, come eat breakfast. The bus will be here soon.”
 “Ugh, fine,” Ryleigh scoffed.
 Across the massive city of New York, a young girl named Kaitlynne was eating a breakfast burrito and watching Mockingjay: Part One. Granted, she probably needed to be waiting for the bus, but she was one of the last campers to be picked up.
 “Kaitlynne, you need to go outside,” her older sister, Clara, scolded.
 “The bus won’t be here for another hour.”
 “The sooner you get out of the house, the better.”
 There was one last girl packing her things. Stella Andrews was sitting in her room, playing Ocarina of Time 3D. “Hey!” a voice called.
 “Taylor, how many times have I told you not to interrupt my Zelda sessions?” Stella hissed, then returned to her game.
 “Hey, listen! You need to get out to the bus stop. Mom said so,” the young girl yelled at her older sister.
 “You sound like Navi.”
 “Why, thank you!”
 “Taylor, that’s not a compliment. Navi was Link’s most annoying companion,” Stella retorted, rolling her eyes. Sometimes Taylor was so stupid.
 “Stella, let’s get going!” Mrs. Andrews called.
 Sterling shifted her backpack on her back, clutching her suitcase. A rickety looking old school bus pulled up in front of her.
 Sterling boarded the old bus. This had slightly dampened her spirits. There seemed to be only one available seat, and it was next to a girl completely engulfed in a book.
 “Mae g’ovannen!” the girl chirped. Sterling must have looked confused, as she then added, “Oh, you don’t speak Elvish. I was saying hello. My name’s Ivy. What’s yours?”
 This girl was clearly more talkative than she seemed. Was it a bad choice to sit with Ivy? Well, it was too late now, so she sat down. “My name’s Sterling. Nice to meet you!”

 They were about to start talking when the bus slammed to a stop. “We can’t be at camp already!” Ivy gasped as the doors opened. Two girls walked in, a pale girl wearing Twilight gear and a girl with a Little Mermaid t-shirt and a headband with Mickey Mouse ears attached.


 “Mind if I sit here? I’m Isabella Wood from the Disney fandom. What are your names and fandoms?” she asked. The other girls replied quickly, Sterling with Percy Jackson and Ivy with Middle-earth. Isabella smiled and sat down, bombarded with questions.
 They were so caught up in their conversation that they hardly noticed when the bus slammed on its brakes at the next stop. Only one girl got on the bus when the doors hissed open. She wore a baseball cap printed with a Pokeball pattern and clutched a plush Skitty to her chest. 
 “I’m Stephany Carlton. I’m guessing your Sterling, Ivy, and Isabella? I’m a Pokemon fan,” she said. The three girls on the seat exchanged a glance, then scooted over to allow Stephany to sit down. After all, no girl or boy on the bus should be left standing!
 “So how did you know who we were?” Sterling asked, noting that this girls seemed a bit like a stalker.
 “Simple. They have names and pictures for all of the campers, so I studied all of those, ALL of them. Then I memorized them,” Stephany replied.
 “You’re hardcore!” Ivy laughed, but she wasn’t entirely kidding. 

 They again talked until the next stop in the huge city of New York. In fact, they hardly noticed the girl standing at their seat! “Um, do you care if I sit here? I’m Ryleigh Davies. I’m from the Harry Potter fandom,” the flame haired girl said.
 Ivy seemed to be frowning. Sterling expected that their fandoms didn’t exactly get along very well. They seemed quite alike, if they would get over their differences.
 Ivy scooted over to allow Ryleigh to sit dow, though she didn’t seem very enthusiastic.
 “So how’s life as a Potterhead?” Isabella asked, trying to break the strange, silent tension that fell over the seat.
 “Oh, it’s good. Still in a war with Twilight, though,” Ryleigh answered.
 “Ugh, aren’t we all? You can hardly call them a fandom,” Ivy scoffed.
 “They only care about sparkly vampires and things that I’d rather not speak of,” Stephany put in.
 Ivy seemed to be warming up to Ryleigh, as she was a kind girl. In fact, they bonded over a mutual hate! It was strange, yes, but at least now they were friends. 
 The bus slammed to another stop. Two girls got on, both from the same fandom. One, named Kaye, was called to the back of the bus. The other, Kaitlynne, came and asked to sit with the girls. Of course, Sterling blurted a loud yes, so Kaitlynne took a seat next to Ryleigh.

 “What were you guys talking about?” she asked.
 “Twilight,” Ivy scoffed, frowning. Kaitlynne shook her head.
 “My sister Clara loves Twilight. Every time it’s on TV she watches it. I know the storyline by heart,” she groaned.
 “That sounds horrible!” Sterling moaned in agreement. Kaitlynne grimaced. She’s rather watch The Hunger Games. Why couldn’t Clara like that? It has plenty of romance in it. Sometimes it can even be too much for Kaitlynne.
 But there was no time to talk. The bus slammed to a final stop as the doors hissed open. The boy and girl who walked on immediately split up. The girl war a green hoodie with a blue shield on the back. They didn’t get to see the boy’s clothes, as he ran off. 
 “I’m Stella Andrews. Mind if I sit with you?” she asked.
 “It’s fine! Come on in!” Stephany called.
 “Hey, what fandom are you? I haven’t seen that hoodie in Hot Topic. Then again, I do always run straight to the Harry Potter shelf,” Ryleigh asked.
 “Legend of Zelda. It’s nice until Taylor, my sister starts interrupting my game times,” Stella frowned.

 “Yikes, Mya changes the channel while I’m watching LOTR if it makes you feel any better. And Andy’s off at boarding school,” Ivy’s eyes filled with tears as she talked about her seven year old brother. She had named him Anduin as a child, but her mother called him Andy instead.
 Sterling noticed that Ivy looked sad, so she changed the topic back to fandom wars. 

 They continued on this topic until they saw Camp Fandom’s first cabin waiting there, welcoming all to camp.

 Sterling, Ivy, Isabella, Stephany, Ryleigh, Kaitlynne, and Stella knew that this would be the best summer ever. Little did they know what the future held…


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  1. ThePianoGuys extreme fangirl says:

    Leese, are you writing any more of this?? I want to read it, as long as there aren’t any Harry Potter or Hunger Games spoilers


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