Turns to Gold

So this is a BotFA fanfic about Thorin. It may have a bit of Kiliel.

Chapter One: Thorin

It’s still missing. My kin haven’t found the Arkenstone. Without it, I am not truly king. One of them had to have stolen it. Everyone is a suspect. Even Bilbo, but I doubt that he would steal from me. Hobbits are too kind for that, and possibly even too cowardly.

“Thorin!” I whirl around, but I’m not as tense when I see Bilbo standing there.

“Have they found anything yet?” I ask him, then am filled with dismay when he shakes his head. If only they had found something. Then I could truly be the King Under the Mountain.

I glance out the window toward the smoking remains of Lake-town. I start to feel pity, but the love for my hard earned gold pushes it away. No doubt they would want some of it to rebuild their homes. But never until the end of my days would I give it to them. We worked too hard to get here and we deserve every piece of that treasure. deserve every piece of that gold. I won’t give it up without a fight.

Bilbo quickly notices that I’m troubled. “Thorin, what’s wrong?” he asks me.

My inner walls of defense fly up. “Nothing!” I snarl. I quickly walk away from him, leaving my dear friend confused. I immediately feel bad for my actions, but the King Under the Mountain doesn’t apologize, even to those he considers his friends.

Maybe that’s why most kings have little to no friends. I learned that from the Elven king Thranduil, or as I like to call him, Silly Elf Boy. A rarely seen smile crosses my face as I think of this. It’s funny how something so simple can make a person smile.

I’m interrupted by Dwalin, my most trusted advisor, running in. “King Thorin! They’re back!”



Leese: So, today we’re writing Kili’s chapter! Should I be extra evil to you, Kili?

Kili: NO! What’d I ever do to you?

Leese: You died in BotFA. 

Kili: Are you going to cut that out? 

Leese: No. 

Fili: What about my death? Will that be cut out.

Thorin: Or mine? I’d prefer not to die.

Leese: Guys, chill. That won’t be for many more chapters. At least I think it won’t.

Tauriel: So he still has to die and I don’t get a happy life?

Leese: Yeah, sorry. The fandom probably doesn’t care, though. They don’t like you.

Tauriel: Ouch. That hurt a little.

Kili: *draws sword*

Leese: Let me just start writing and be done with it!

Everyone: Fine. 
Chapter Two


They don’t understand. I wanted her to come with me. But the others wouldn’t like her. I know they won’t. 

I’m pulled from my thoughts by a pain in my leg. I don’t say a word, though. I have caused enough problems on this journey. 

By the time we arrive in Erebor, my leg is killing me. I feel like it’ll fall off if I so much as take another step. I try my hardest to push through it. Not that much farther. Then we’ll be in Erebor. Uncle Thorin will kill me if I tell him that my leg is hurting. I try to reassure myself, but it isn’t working. I try to stay strong, but it hurts so much.

I am again interrupted by Bilbo running out. “You need to get out of here.”

“But we’ve only just arrived!” Bofur calls, looking around.

I’m shocked to hear that Thorin is hardly eating and sleeping. It’s the gold. I know it is. I was afraid this would happen, and now it has. Dragon-sickness. It lurks on the gold, and now it’s infecting my uncle. Soon he’ll be gone. Never to be seen again as the same man. 

Bilbo leads us to where Uncle waits, stalking across the gold like a cat. I wish he would be more careful and spend less time around the cursed stuff. 

Thorin starts to speak, but I can’t focus. I start feeling dizzy, then run from the room. I head to one of the spare bedrooms, or at least that’s what I think it is. Perhaps it’s more of a sitting room. Nonetheless, I collapse onto the bed-like thing and black out. 

It is hours later when I wake up. I expect to see the room in Lake-town again. Going to Erebor must have been a dream, which means Thorin’s sickness was a dream as well.

But it’s not. Fili stands over me, clutching my hand and crying. I have never seen my brother this upset. Somehow I feel like it’s all my fault. 

I see Fili’s face light up as he sees that I’m awake. “Kili! We all thought you were dead! Well, all of us who came to see you. Uncle Thorin didn’t. He sort of ignored you. All he does these days is stay down in the gold-room. Bilbo was right.” My brother’s face falls. Maybe I should leave and just make life easier for everyone else.

I could go to the Elves. They were somewhat kind while I was their prisoner. And Tauriel was there. What would she say now?

I feel another twinge of pain in my leg. I pull up the leg of my pants to see that my wound has gotten so much worse. I feel sick just looking at it. But what am I to do? There are no Elvish healers in Erebor. 

I sit back down and try to suffer through the pain. Fili sits next to me and starts asking me questions, just like he used to do. One surprises me.

“Do you really love the Elf girl?” he asks. I don’t know how to answer. To tell the truth would be like suicide. He’d be very disappointed. But if I lied to him, I couldn’t live with myself.

“Yes,” I answer, and see his face fall. He hoped I’d say no. 

He is about to say something again, and I brace myself to hear the worst. I would forever be an outcast after this. “Do you still have the stone Mother gave you?” he asks.

I shake my head, though it hurts to do so. Fili must think I am stupid. “You gave it to Tauriel, didn’t you?” he asks me. This time it doesn’t hurt to tell the truth.

We go on this way for hours, until I realize why he’s doing this.  A Morgul wound can rob you of your most precious memories, so he is trying to make sure I still have them. I would know if my memory was taken, wouldn’t I? 

It isn’t long until I’m taken by the blackness of sleep again, all of it haunted by nightmares.


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