Fangirling at School

Here I’m going to post fangirl things that I’ve done at school or that I’d like to do.

So we had to write a puppet show script for reading, and my group and I did one where we got sucked into Skyward Sword…I’ll be posting it here. I’m abbrieviating our actual names to our first initial, so just ignore that much. The astericks are actions.
J: Hey guys! Come play this new game I bought!

A; Umm…okay then

M: Wait, what game is it anyways?

J: Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

D: That sounds so boring.

M: D, don’t kill the fun! We’ve got to all make alliances to help J beat the game.

*walks to house and turns on game*

M: I call Link!

A: I’m the only girl, so I need to be Zelda.

D: No one cares, A.

A: Well then.

J: Guys, just let her be Zelda! I’m going to be the crazy fortune teller.

D: Fine. I’m Ghirahim.

*Theme music plays*

D: This is so boring. I’m going to go do my homework.

*screen goes black*

J: Dagnabbit! My power got killed!

*screen starts glowing*

A: What’s happening?

*sucked into screen*

M: Oh awesome! I’m Link! Sweet!

J: I’m…a fortune teller. Hooray. Where’s A?

M: Oh no. This is bad.

J: What happened?

M: Well, we’re in Skyward Sword. And..A’s Zelda. Ghirahim captures Zelda. But, we fight Ghirahim inside the Temple of Time. Conviently, we’re like, right here.

A: HELP! This thing is going to kill me!

D: Zelda, be quiet. No one’s going to save you now!

A: You’re wrong. If I’m here, so are M-er, Link, and the weird Fortune Teller. They’re my friends, unlike you, D.

D: I am Ghirahim. He has no friends.

A: That’s sad.


M: Remember that thing we were learning in reading?

J: Wait, which one? I can’t keep up with all of it.

M: The part about making alliances to achieve a common goal? It was only last week! J, did you already forget?

J: No, I remember now. I never thought we’d actually need to use that.

A: Guys, I kind of need saving in here! I’d do it myself, but I’m kind of tied to a post.

M: The princess has a point. Let’s go!

*In the Temple of Time*

D: So you’ve finally decided to challenge me and save Princess ZeldA? Is that truly such a fabulous idea?

A: Guys, just follow my lead. I know exactly how to take Ghirahim down!

M: You heard the girl. Let’s do this!

A: Knock him off the edge!

*M and J shove Ghirahim down*

J: Wow, that was really easy. Like, easier than making a burrito. Which actually isn’t that easy. Bad example.

D: You fools! Did you really think it would be that easy?

A: Hit him with a finishing blow! Oh, and J, tuck and roll.

*hits wall*

A: The other way! Then repeat that twice more.

M: Sounds good! *Ghirahim hits Link* Ouch.

A: Then bash him with a shield until the chest crystal is exposed.

J: Link’s way ahead of you! *starts punching Ghirahim*

D: Fortune Teller, do you know what you’re doing?

J: Honestly, I have no idea.

A: I would facepalm if my hands weren’t tied.

M: At least I know what I’m doing. Mrs. K didn’t tell us abouut beating video games, but she did tell us about goals, which are pretty much the same thing for me. *Smacks weak point*

D: *screams/brings out big sword* Now I’m unstoppable!

M: *starts breaking sword * You underestimate my power, D/Ghirahim, as well as the power of Mrs. K and reading.

D: *sword breaks* Dang. I suppose this is the end.

M: J, would you like to do the honors?

J: Of course! *hits Ghirahim*

D: *Ghirahim form fades* What happened?

A: *ropes vanish and hops down* Long story. Let’s get home. We’ll be late for school!

J: Is that all you think about?

A: No.

*The next day*

D: So we actually used what you taught us!

M: Not in the way we expected.

J: But we still used it!

A: Then I wrote a story about it.

Mrs K: I’m glad I could help. A, I can’t wait to read your story.

All: Thanks!

D: I wonder what our next adventure will be?

A: I don’t know, but I bet it’ll be just as awesomely crazy as this.
So how’d you like it? It took like two hours to write.


So this happened last year. We were looking at a sword, and everyone was just calling it cool. I asked myself if it was an Elvish blade. No one got the reference! Ugh, why must there be only THREE LotR fans in the ENTIRE grade! One of them is me, one ignores me, and the other isn’t in my class. What’s a fangirl to do in these situations?