Submissions (Open)

Submit your ideas to Life of a Fangirl! Email me at We are open to submissions from any fandom as long as they meet these guidelines. Some things we will publish are:







Or almost anything fandom related.

However, being a younger fan myself, I want to keep this safe for all readers, so nothing sexual, overly violent, profane, or offensive will be accepted for posting on Life of a Fangirl.

Submit it in some form like this (example):


Dear Leese,

I am interested in being a guest poster for Life of a Fangirl, and I have a fanfiction I’d like to submit from the *insert fandom here* fandom.

Then you’ll tell me about your fanfiction in a short paragraph. This includes the summary of your fanfiction and the pairing if there is one. Slash is going to be harder to get on here, not that I have anything against it, but I know that some people may not like it and may not want to read that.

Then tell me a little about yourself, such as why you want to submit to Life of a Fangirl and if your story has previously been published or acclaimed for anything.

I will then contact you soon about whether I think your story was interesting. Then, and only then, can you send the story and we can figure out the details about the posting.


Follow the above format, but attach the image as a JPG or a PDF at the end of the email. Anything inappropriate for younger viewers will not be accepted.


Dear Leese,

I am interested in posting on Life of a Fangirl with something from the *insert fandom name here* fandom.

Then you’ll tell me a bit about your submission, including what it is, why you’re submitting it, and anything else you feel like you need to say. Next, introduce yourself. Tell me about why you want to post on Life of a Fangirl, what inspired you to be a guest poster, etc, etc.

After you send this, I can help you create your post or, if you’ve already created it, I can review it for you if I’d like to see it.