30 Day Challenge- Day 21- LOTR

Probably when Aragorn says: “For Frodo” and then charges straight into battle at the Black Gates. That was beautiful. Or the “I am no man.” scene. Or Sam’s speech at the end of TTT. 


30 Day Challenge- Day 21- Harry Potter

Okay, so I’d totally bring back the one and only Nymphadora Tonks. Who here doesn’t like her, because if you don’t, well, just basically get out of my blog. She’s too cool for this world. 

30 Day Challenge- Day 21- About Me! 

Okay, I have made a fatal mistake. A ton of my posts are on the wrong blog. So let me just do some reposts here…


 Turn on:

I don’t really know what this means. I mean, I might, but I don’t ever think about this. Basically, either be fictional or the guy I like