Weirdest Fan Theories

So, I’m going to do sort of a thing with really weird fan theories from all fandoms. Here goes nothing.


Theory: Tom Bombadil was the Witch-King of Angmar.

Explanation: In a nutshell, it says: You never see the two of them together.

Tom says “…I was waiting for you. We heard news of you, and learned that you were wandering…But Tom had an errand there that he dare not hinder.” Apparently this is supposed to show fear of Sauron.

The full theory is here: Tom Bombadil is the Witch-King

Why it’s stupid: First things first, Tom’s seems like a nice enough guy, if not a bit of a stalker. Second of all, this just doesn’t add up. Wouldn’t Goldberry have said something? Or if Frodo put the Ring on, wouldn’t he have seen Tom’s true identity?

Okay, new theory!

Theory: Tolkien was a member of the Illuminati.

Explanation: This one’s a weird one. Apparenly, rings are used to control people by the Illuminati. And bloodlines are also supposed to be important to the Illuminati. It doesn’t even make sense to me! 

Here’s the full theory. Let me know if you figure it out. Tolkien and the Illuminati

Why it’s stupid: Mmk, so bloodlines are in every royalty story. So would I be working for the Illuminati in that case? And so what if the Illuminati uses rings to control people? What if they stole the idea from Tolkien? Think about that, HUH! 

New theory time!

Theory: Dumbledore and Grindelwald are the Blue Istari.

Explanation: This one probably makes the most sense so far. But apparently the Blue Wizards went into the east and were never heard from. They also say that Nurmengard is a mix between Nuremberg and Isengard. This one’s kind of a weird one.

Why it’s stupid: First off, GRINDELWALD WAS EVIL! Secondly, this just, again, doesn’t add up. Dumbledore killed Grindelwald. Why would he kill his fellow Istari? Dumbledore wasn’t evil. I can’t even make sense of this. 

Next theory, please!

Okay, I can’t make sense from any others, so we’re moving on to a new fandom.

Harry Potter:

Theory: Ron is Time Traveling Dumbledore.

Explanation: In the chess game, Ron is a knight and a king. Evidently, this is foreshadowing the roles in the Second Wizarding War. There’s also the socks thing stemming from Ron’s ingratitude toward maroon sweaters. Here’s the link, because I can’t muddle through this. Knight To King Theory

Why it’s stupid: Well, this doesn’t make sense. If Ron was Dumbledore, then how could they interact without a paradox forming? It just doesn’t make sense. Any of it. It’s just a stupid theory. AND JKR HERSELF SAID IT WASN’T TRUE!

Tune in later for part 2, if I can deal with more ridculous theories. My eyes are bleeding. 


30 Day Challenge- Day 10- LOTR

OTP: Oh dear. Can I list a top five or something? (The Hobbit is not included here)

1) Arwenagorn. They’re just so ADORABLE! asdfghjkl!

2) Farawyn. Again, just legit the cutest thing ever!

3) Sarose. Nothing else to say here.

4) Eruodo. This would be a ship name of my sister Eruanna and Frodo. Nuff said.

5) Mmk. Out of ships. Arawyn is sort of one of them, but it’s more of farther down the list. 

30 Day Challenge- Day Nine- Harry Potter


Least favorite male character and why:

1) Percy Weasley (these are in no order): He betrayed his family until DH. He always fought with him and was just all around obnoxious. Ugh, can we have no more of Percy?

2) Cornelius Fudge: He was so snobbish and frustrating. He believed that Harry was lying about everything, and that Umbridge should have been hired. Anyone who believes that should be on my least favorite list.

3) Young Tom Riddle: To clarify: NOT VOLDEMORT. I think Voldemort’s pretty awesome, actually. But this is the Tom that stole Ginny and took her to the Chamber of Secrets. 

30 Day Challenge- Day 9- About Me!

Pet peeves:

Bad grammar: Just no. Don’t even go there. AUGH!

Being bored: Do I need to explain this?

Interruption: I have important stories to tell, and then I might have to leave, so don’t interrupt!

Getting ignored: Unfortunately enough, this happens so much that I’m pretty used to it. Doesn’t mean I enjoy it though. 

30 Day Challenge- Day Eight- HP

Favorite Subject and Why:

Again, top three time!

1. Herbology, well, because I’m a Hufflepuff.

2. Transfiguration. I don’t know why, it just sounds entertaining.

3. Defense Against the Dark Arts. But only if someone like Lupin’s teaching. Again, sounds fun!